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Latest Atelier Meruru Commercial

Plus, the latest goodies for the new PS3 Atelier game, which is now complete.


Development on Atelier Meruru is complete, according to director Yoshito Okamura at the game's official blog. This latest entry in the Atelier series is due out on June 23, so this announcement isn't too surprising.

In other Atelier news...

Here's the game's latest commercial, released today at the official Atelier Meruru YouTube channel:

Here's a sweet Atelier Totori tapestry. Okamura is giving it away to readers as a present.

Here's what appears to be the game's box art (I'm not sure if it's official or not):

And here's where you can get a closer look at the Meruru background story. A retailer is reporting that the August issue of Gemaga will include a huge feature on Meruru. In addition to an original cover, the magazine will come with an original drama CD which will tell the story between the drama CD that's included as the game's pre-order bonus and the main game scenario. It's about 15 minutes long.

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