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Your Atelier Meruru Nendoroid Bonus

Plus, find out where you'll find more of that lovely Atelier series artwork.


Gust updated the Atelier Meruru blog yesterday with our first look at the final design for the Meruru Nendoroid figure that's included with the game's Premium Box.

As previously detailed, the ¥10,290 premium box includes the figure and a paper weight, along with the drama CD bonus that's also included with the standard version. You can see the paper weight here.

Also at the blog are some preliminary details on how you can get more of that Atelier series artwork that you are legally required to love if you read this site (seriously... check the terms of service!). Gust and the editors of Gemaga released the "Atelier Rorona and Totori Art Book" last September. A new "perfect" version of the art book is now being planned. It will include Meruru artwork.

Here's the cover of the previous version just so you know what you're dealing with:

Gemaga has three designs for the art book in mind, ranging in price from ¥3,200 to ¥5,000+. They want you to vote on your preferred design here.

Note that in following the above link you agree to vote on the ¥5,000 version because I want it. (The ¥5,000 version is totally refreshed from the original, includes a hard cover, and comes with a tapestry.)

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