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Nintendo, Sony, Sega and Microsoft Have Retail Meetings This Week

If you must read this story, read it for the cute puppy pic!


A retailer has revealed a schedule of upcoming retail meetings for some major game companies.

Here's the schedule:

  • 5/11: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • 5/12: Nintendo
  • 5/13: Microsoft
  • 5/13: Sega

These meetings, especially in the case of Nintendo, are accompanied by major announcements, or at the very least leaks from attending retailers, so keep a ear open over the coming days.

The retailer that revealed this is Games Maya. In addition to having an adorable puppy as its top image, which in my book instantly makes your blog credible (even if the puppy is clothed, which puppies really don't like), Games Maya is a hot spot for official retail demo events even though it's in the middle of nowhere.

I went to Games Maya once and don't recall seeing this little guy there.

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