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Tekken and Naruto Were Namco Bandai's Best Selling Games Last Year

Publisher comes out of the red with 700% jump in operating income.


Namco Bandai shared its earnings report for the previous fiscal year today. The company recovered from a net loss last year, with sales up 4.1% to 394,178 million yen and operating income up 767.3% to 16,338 million yen.

The biggest selling game for the publisher last year was Tekken 6, which pulled in 1.15 million units just in the US. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 followed close behind with worldwide sales of 1.1 million units. Japan-only titles were among the company's top sellers, with idol dating sim AKB1/48 selling 400,000 units and God Eater Burst selling 470,000 units, both on PSP.

PS3 was Namco Bandai's biggest platform for the year, with 5,547,000 million units besting PSP's 4,556,000 million units. For the current year, the company expects 7.8 million sales for PS3 and 4.21 million for PSP.

The earnings report promises 26 new PS3 releases and 25 new PSP releases, compared to just 1 new release for Xbox 360. It's presumable that some of these are releases for the Game Archives retro download service, but the earnings report did not provide clarification.

You can see the full English earnings report PDF here.

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