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Yakuza Of the End Going Back on Tour

Sample the zombie-themed Yakuza game and get a commemorative clear file showing Haruka and Kazuma.


Remember Yakuza of the End? You know, the zombie-themed Yakuza game that got delayed just one week ahead of its release because of the earthquake? It's coming out on June 9 now, and Sega is entering into full promotional mode.

Part of the promotional activities are a series of retail demo events. Of the End will be playable at four shops in a weekly nationwide tour that starts on the 14th. You can get specific shop locations at 4Gamer.

Even if you've already played Of the End via the demo that was released on PSN a few months back or via one of the many prior retail demo events, you may still want to take part in the new events. Sega will be giving a commemorative support Japan A5 clear file to those who play the game.

Front and back of the clear file.

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