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Marvelous Entertainment and AQ Interactive Merging

Harvest Moon publisher merging with parent of Feel Plus and Artoon. Liveware coming along for the ride.


Marvelous Entertainment, AQ Interactive and Liveware announced today that they have agreed to a merger which will take place on October 1.

The new company will be known as Marvelous AQL (officially in English, "Marvelous AQL

Inc."). Marvelous CEO Haruki Nakayama will become Marvelous AQL's chairman. AQI CEO Shuichi Motoda will be the new company's CEO.

Marvelous will be the surviving entity in the merger with AQI's stock set to be delisted on September 28.

(Update 18:30 -- Regarding the specifics of the merger, duckroll writes in the comments below: "MMV shareholders will retain all their shares, while 412,411 new shares in the company will be issued. These shares will be issued to existing shareholders of AQI and Liveware. AQI shareholders will receive 7 MMV shares for every AQI share they hold, and Liveware shareholders (private shares, not a listed company) will get 6.2 MMV shares for every Liveware share they hold.")

Marvelous is known as the publisher of such games as Harvest Moon and No More Heroes. AQ Interactive was the parent company of developers like Feel Plus (maker of Lost Odyssey) and Artoon (Blue Dragon), but it absorbed these subsidiaries last year. Liveware specializes in mobile and social games. It developed the social versions of Harvest Moon for mixi, Mobagetown and GREE.

In a press release announcing the merger, the three firms said that through the merger they hope to form a "value chain" that can cover the full "stream" of entertainment contents under the business strategy of multi contents/multi devices. As one example, they hope to be able to focus resources by combining together the areas of browser games and consumer games.

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