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Who Didn't do the Modeling for ICO's Yorda Character?

Fumito Ueda, that's (not) who!


Think ICO's Yorda character was made by Team ICO leader Fumito Ueda? Ueda decided to clear this up via Twitter earlier today.

Wrote Ueda, "Yorda wasn't me. While I did the modeling through the midway point in development, in the last half of development, I had the staff change it greatly."

Ueda's comment was in reply to a follower who postulated that Ueda had done the modeling for both Shadow of the Colossus' main character Wander and Yorda. Ueda only corrected the statement about Yorda, so Wander was presumably his own doing.

Just a tiny bit of trivia (and proof that Twitter isn't completely worthless).

You'll get another look at Yorda when ICO hits PS3 some time in the unspecified future.

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