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Grand Knights History: Character Select Movie and Online Play Details

The latest on Vanillaware's gorgeous 2D strategy title for PSP.


Have a brief glimpse at the smooth animation system in Vanillaware's new PSP title Grand Knights History through this brief clip that shows the game's character selection process.

The clip was shared by producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto today at the official blog.

Hashimoto also provided some vague hints about the game's online play. The game can be enjoyed offline, he assured. However, he expects online to be quite enjoyable, calling it a new experiment. Time will flow on the server, and you will fight within that time, allowing for a shared experience between players. What does this mean? We'll have to wait for further details!

The game's official site was also updated with a section describing the game's battle system. The battle system has a name. In Japanese, it's "スフィアリール・バトル." This seems like it could be written a few different ways in English, but I'm going to guess "Sphere Reel Battle" ("Spheral Battle" might also be okay, as might "Sphere Real Battle").

Regardless of what the actual English is, the point is, the game's battle fields are curved. According to the the official site, this allows the game to better show of Vanillaware's 2D visual technology and give a feeling of excitement and energy to the battle.

Sounds about right, judging by these newly released screens:

The official site also has details and screens for the battle areas that we wrote about in a past update, including weapon-specific special attacks like Flash Code, Gallop Beat, Judgement, Skull Fang and Blaze Rain.

There's also a look at a few enemies:

Massive dragons that live in the heart of the Alveus Mountains. They have great intellect and can speak human language. It's said that they once fought a battle with humans.
A demon that is encountered frequently near forests. They look cute, but they'll attack travelers with their sharp poison needle.
This disguises itself as a treasure box only to open up and eat anyone who tries to come in for a closer look.

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