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Front Mission Creator and FFXIII Battle Director Joins Social Gaming Giant GREE

Toshiro Tsuchida finally reveals his new gig.


It was revealed back in February that Front Mission creator Toshiro Tsuchida had left his post as head of Square Enix's Product Development Division-6. But he didn't give a reason.

(Actually, Tsuchida didn't really announce his departure -- a colleague posted a Tweet about it).

Tsuchida has at last broken his silence on his recent activity. In this week's Famitsu, he reveals that he's joined mobile social gaming giant GREE as executive director. According to the usual early leak sources, Tsuchida says he's making a new start at GREE.

In addition to his early work on the Front Mission and Arc the Lad franchises, Tsuchida played a major role in the Final Fantasy series. Prior to his departure from Square Enix, he was battle director on Final Fantasy XIII.

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