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7th Dragon Followup Set for PSP

The original staff joins a new character designer for a PSP sequel to the DS fan favorite RPG.


As reported earlier, Famitsu has a first look this week at Sega's 7th Dragon 2020, a PSP sequel to DS RPG 7th Dragon. Here's what the magazine has to say about the game, via Sokuho's detailed summary.

Like its predecessor, 7th Dragon 2020 is being developed by Imageepoch (it's presumably the Sega collaboration that Imageepoch teased during a press conference late last year). The game's staff list has the main players from the original, including Reiko Kodama as producer, Kazuya Niinou as director, and Yuzo Koshiro as composer. Character designs are from Shirou Miwa this time (Wikipedia profile here).

The sequel changes things greatly from the original, with a setting in the near future. In the year 2020, seven powerful dragons attack swoop down from space and turn Tokyo into an inhabitable area. Players form a party as part of the Murakumo anti dragon special forces and attempt to wipe out the dragons.

When creating your party (possibly consisting of three members -- Sokuho's report is not clear), you'll be able to create your characters as one of five jobs: samurai, trickstar, destroyer, psychic and hacker. You can set your character's physical appearance and voice. Physical appearance doesn't affect your character's abilities, but the choice of job changes your skills and battle style.

The Murakumo special forces are based in Tokyo's famous Tocho metropolitan government building. The base also serves as a refugee camp and has shops.

Famitsu also introduces Gyakusa Tocho, which can maybe be translated as "Reverse Tocho." This is the name of a dungeon that's themed around Tokyo. When exploring dungeons, the game has random encounters with standard enemies, but visible symbol encounters with dragons.

Development on 7th Dragon 2020 is at 70%. A release is set for Fall.

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