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Konami and Nintendo Working on New Systems for Love Plus 3DS

New portable girlfriend sim to be a showcase title for 3DS.

Give us some new screens, Konami!

The ability to introduce your parents to your digital girlfriend in New Love Plus is exciting (although probably not for your parents... please make sure they're sitting down first), but it's just one of the many new features Konami's crack team of lovers is working on for the 3DS title.

Going along with our earlier report, here are some of the other features mentioned in Famitsu's seven page preview this week (as passed along at Sokuho).

As mentioned earlier, the game supports book mode, where you hold the 3DS with the two screens horizontally lined up. Apparently, the game will continue to support 3D output even in this mode.

[UPDATE 16:20 -- I got my tates and yokos mixed up. The game actually supports 3D only in the system's standard holding position, not in book mode.]

The game will have a far greater number of items for the girls to wear. Screenshots in Famitsu show an example of the girl wearing a ring on her left ring finger (!!!).

The game will support wireless play between friends. Player support is listed as 1 to 3. Apparently, the girls will become friendly with one-another through this form of play. They'll end up going out on play dates together and will send pics of their exploits to you.

Konami is adding weather effects to the game. The weather will change as you play. When it rains, the girls will carry an umbrella to school.

Here's something that has been promised for some time but without details on how it will be achieved. New Love Plus will let you import your data from the DS Love Plus games. You'll even get some bonuses for doing this. Konami and Nintendo are currently investigating how to implement this feature.

The magazine has a few additional details on the all new Boyfriend Lock system. The game uses face recognition to recognize your face. If someone else tries to play the game, your girlfriend will say such things as "And who might you be?" and will refrain from acting in a girlfriendy way to the impostor. The recognition is apparently powerful enough to tell who you are even if you take off your glasses or hat.

You can turn this feature off the Boyfriend Lock feature if you like.

The "parent introduction" mode mentioned in our previous article is actually just a general "Girlfriend Introduction" mode. In this mode, you can introduce your girlfriend to real life acquaintances and family members. This mode supports gyro controls, allowing your friends to check out your girl from various angles.

In an interview with the magazine, series senior producer Akari Uchida and poducer Akihiro Ishihara revealed that the game will have an all new system that will surprise players. It's something that's being developed with the cooperation of Nintendo. They did not provide details.

Uchida and Ishihara also said that they're considering adding an actual "parent introduction" mode to the game. It's unclear how this would differ from the general Girlfriend Introduction mode... but I'm sure they'd find a way to make something outlandish.

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