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Soul Calibur V Officially Announced

Namco Bandai shows trailer for fighting sequel at Dubai event. Details coming at E3.


Soul Calibur V is the real deal. It even has a logo.

The fighting sequel is in development for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 release in 2012, Namco Bandai announced at its "Step Up Dubai 2011" event in Dubai earlier today.

In a live blog from the event Famitsu.com reported that producer Tago Hisaharu took the stage to debut a trailer for the game, which is set 17 years after SCIV. More details were promised for this June's E3 event.

News of a new Soul Calibur isn't actually news at all, of course. Daishi Odashima, director of the new game, promised back in April that we'd get some details on a new Soul Calibur game in mid May. Late last year, he made first mention of the new project, as he Tweeted "SC is Back."

Separately, Namco Bandai opened a teaser countdown site back in April. This site will go live in about 10 hours from this story's publication and is expected to be the official site for Soul Calibur V.

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