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First Look: 7th Dragon 2020

The background story and some of the cast members in Sega's PSP sequel.


In 7th Dragon 2020, Sega and Imageepoch's PSP sequel to fan favorite DS RPG 7th Dragon, seven giant dragons, known as the "Seventh Dragons" (yes, "seventh") have invaded from space without warning. Tokyo finds itself covered in flowers called Flowaro, making it inhabitable to humans. You join an anti-dragon special forces unit called Murakumo and attempt to take back the city.

Famitsu.com has posted first screens for the sequel to go along with the report in its print counterpart today. You can read details on what's in the magazine here.

The screens at Famitsu.com show the game's character making component (or at least the part where you select your base type) and combat. Sega has yet to share details on the battle system.

Also in the Famitsu.com screens is a close look at the Murakumo organization.

To the left is the organization headquarters. That's Tokyo's actual capitol building. In 7th Dragon 2020, it's been converted into the Murakumo's base, and also serves as a refugee camp where humans hide from the dragon attacks. The base even has shops where you can fortify your weapons by handing off items that you've collected.

The two characters are higher ups in the Murakumo organization. The lady is Natsume Hikasa. She's the head of the organization and places her effort into supporting people with special abilities who can face off against the dragons. The guy is Ayafumi Kirino, Natsume's assistant and a scientist who has been researching the dragons.

Even though this doesn't look much like the original 7th Dragon (Famitsu says it's become "cool"), 7th Dragon 2020 is coming from mostly the same team. Joining Imageepoch as developer, Sega's Reiko Kodama is producing. Kazuya Niinou is returning as director, with Yuzo Koshiro as composer.

The major change in the key development staff is in the area of character designer. The original had designs from Mota. Shirou Miwa has assumed the duties this time.

7th Dragon 2020 is due for PSP release this Fall.

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