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Guardian Heroes Officially Announced For Japan

Treasure classic arriving this summer. Sega opens official site and shares screenshots.


The Xbox Live Arcade version of 32-bit Treasure classic Guardian Heroes was announced first overseas. Sega finally got around to announcing the Japanese version today.

Guardian Heroes will see XLA release for Japanese Xbox 360 players this Summer, priced 800 Microsoft Points.

As detailed last week, the XLA version includes original and arranged modes. Original mode replicates the balance and controls of the Sega Saturn original. Arranged mode has balance and control changes.

Like the original, the XLA version also includes a branching story mode and a versus mode. In versus mode, you can use 45 characters, just like in the original, but the simultaneous player count has been upped to 12 players when played online (offline is 4 player, down a couple from the Saturn version's 6 player support).

The XLA version also has a new arcade mode that's compatible with network rankings. This survival style mode puts you up against 21 simultaneous enemies who continue to reappear until you die.

Also new for the XLA version are 16x9 support, updated visual effects, and a training mode.

Sega opened an official site for the game today with screens, character profiles, and a features list.

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