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Konami Pledges Support for 3DS and NGP This Year

Company says it has a variety of titles in development for Sony hardware.


Konami shared its fiscal 2011 earnings report today. For the period spanning April 2010 through March 2011, the company saw net sales of 258 billion yen, down a bit from last year's 262.1 billion yen. Operating income was up from 18.7 billion yen to 20.8 billion.

The company's digital entertainment business, which includes video games, saw slight drops in sales and operating income to 133.1 billion yen and 17.0 billion yen. The drops came from the company's e-Amusement and Card Games businesses. Consume Gamers saw increased sales from 64.1 billion yen last year to 65.7 billion yen.

Among the highlights mentioned in Konami's earnings report were Winning Eleven 2011, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker and Castlevania Lords of Shadow.

Konami sold a total of 21.94 million pieces of software over the year, up from last year's 20.2 million. Japan narrowly edged out Europe as Konami's biggest market.

Soccer remained Konami's biggest gaming category. Metal Gear, given its own category in Konami's earnings reports, rose from 940,000 million units last year to 1.92 million this year.

PS3 was once again Konami's biggest platform, accounting for 27% of all games sold. PSP followed in second. Wii and PS2 fell from last year.

For the current fiscal year, Konami expects sales to stay flat at 258 billion yen, but operating income to rise to 26 billion yen.

The company pledged support for NGP and 3DS and this year. For the Nintendo hardware, it noted that Metal Gear Solid Sanke Eater is on the way. For NGP, it didn't mention specific games but did say that a variety of titles are in production.

Konami's earnings report also touched briefly upon its recent acquisition of Hudson. In the current year, Hudson will focus on the area of social network games.

You can see Konami's supplemental earnings report here (English, PDF).

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