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The Towers of Pandora's Tower

Plus, a look at your base of operations and the game's item system.


The story of Pandora's Tower, the all original (except for maybe the cover) Wii action title from Nintendo and Ganvarion, has hero Ende attempt to defeat the masters of 13 towers in order to save his friend Ceres, who's been cursed to slowly turn into a beast. Today, the official site was updated with a look at a few of those towers and their masters.

Not surprisingly, the towers have very distinct themes. Included in the bunch is a tree tower, a stone tower, and a steel tower. Their various masters all look the part.

In addition to spending time in the 13 towers slashing away at foes, you'll also find yourself relaxing in your base of operations, an observation tower that stands next to the towers. At the observation tower, you can have the merchant Graiai (he's the guy who lead you to the towers in the first place) craft items and weapons for you using materials that you've gathered while in the towers. You can also store items here and recover your health by going to sleep.

Ceres is in this observation tower, and you can speak to her. Nintendo actually says that you can "communicate" with her, which seems to suggest that there may be an interactive aspect to the dialogue, but this isn't specifically mentioned at the site.

The materials that you gather in the towers come from two primary sources. You'll find glowing markers on the ground indicating that something has can be picked up. You can also collect materials from defeated foes. Depending on where you strike the enemy, you'll get different items.

Item collection also depends on the time that you enter the towers. Time progresses in the world of Pandora's Tower, both when you're battling through the towers and when you're asleep in the observation tower base. The available materials and movements of the enemies will change with time.

To aid in your material collection, you'll want to make use of a feature that was shown in past trailers but never explained. When aiming at the screen with the Wiimote, you can press and hold B to open up a zooming window. This will allow you to get a close up of the area of interest.

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