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Capcom Collaborates With EA For Resident Evil

Shoot zombies in a recreation of the S.T.A.R.S. office, and enjoy a Three Herb Cocktail beverage after!


It's the 15th anniversary for Resident Evil, and Capcom is celebrating with a big collaboration. The company is teaming up with EA to promote the game.

EA is the name of a shooting bar in Tokyo's Musashino area. Not a gun shooting bar, of course, as guns are totally illegal in Japan. The name "EA" is actually just a terribly misguided spelling for "Air," as in air gun shooting.

The interior of EA.

From May 20 through June 19, EA will see its interior redesigned to look like the office of S.T.A.R.S., one of the central organizations in the Resident Evil story. Fans will be able to enjoy air shooting in this game-themed environment, which includes special zombie-styled targets.

When you're done shooting, you can recover with food from a collaborative menu that includes items with such names as "Three Herb Cocktail." The shop will also show a 15th anniversary video and the latest Resident Evil items.

Directions to EA.

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