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Tales of Xillia's Partner Support Moves

Partner characters support master characters during the heat of battle with some helpful moves.


One of the central elements in the Tales of Xillia battle system is "Link Mode," where you link up the character you're currently controlling (the "master" character) with another party member. The linked character will provide you with support, including character-specific moves.

We previously provided looks at the character-specific support moves for when you've linked up with Jude and Mira. In case you missed out, Jude has a Restore move which he'll use to recover you if you get knocked out by the enemy. Mira has a Bind move which will bind the enemy.

Today, Namco Bandai provided looks at the support moves for the remaining characters.

Alvin: Breaker

This breaks the enemy's guard. The enemy also has a greater chance of becoming paralyzed from Alvin's attack.

Leia: Item Steel

When the enemy is down, Leia will quickly approach it and steal an item with certain frequency.

Rowen: Auto Magic Guard

When the enemy uses a spirit attack on your character, Rowen will automatically use Magic Guard. When in this state, you can freely move your character around.

Elise: Tipo Drain

If you manage to get an enemy into the air, Elise's companion Tipo will approach it with certain frequency and drain its HP and TP, giving the HP and TP to your character.

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