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Nintendo Retailer Briefing Nets New Star Fox 64 3D Details

No online play for 3DS remake.


Nintendo held a retailer briefing today, and as we've come to expect from these periodic events, attendees haven't been too shy about disclosing what went down.

An attendee from the famous Tsutaya retailer in Shibuya provided some details on Star Fox 64 3D at the shop's Twitter feed. Nintendo made the game available for demo at the event.

The various Tweets mention the following:

  • The game has 3DS mode, N64 mode and Battle mode
  • In 3DS mode, you use the gyro sensor to control your shiop
  • Battle mode supports four players
  • Battle mode will support download play
  • The game will not have online play via Wi-Fi Connection
  • During combat, your face is shown as an icon, allowing for easy identification of who's who.

Star Fox 64 3D is due for release on July 14. Tsutaya began pre-orders today.

In addition to Star Fox, Nintendo also had Zelda playable. Tales of the Abyss was shown as well, but only in non interactive form.

Nintendo will often follow up on these retailer briefings with official site updates. The Zelda official site was updated today, but the same has yet to happen for the Star Fox site.

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