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Latest Tales of Xillia News Coming to Tales of Festival

Could we at last get a release date for the PS3 mothership title?


This isn't really much of a surprise, but Namco Bandai has confirmed that the upcoming Tales of Festival fan event will see the latest news announcements for PlayStation 3's Tales of Xillia. Producer Hideo Baba will take the stage to deliver an update of some form.

What type of news is anyone's guess. Of course, obvious speculation would be a release date. Although an August time frame for the game popped up in a story at Hobby Channel recently (they've since edited the story to remove the date), Namco Bandai has yet to share a date outside of the original TBA 2011 time frame.

This year's Tales of Festival, the fourth holding of the annual event, will take place on May 28 and 29 at the usual location, Yokohama's Pacifico Yokohama event space. The event will also be live broadcast to 39 theaters throughout Japan.

For a report on last year's Tales of Festival event, see this story.

From the 2010 event.

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