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Sonic, Vanquish Top Sellers for Sega in 2010

Company expects major surge in software sales for current year.

Sonic Colors was Sega's big game for the year.

Sega Sammy's group sales and earnings were up last year. According to the company's earnings report, released today, sales rose 3.1% over the year prior to 396,732 million yen. Operating income leaped 87.3% to 68,750 million yen.

Most of the increases came from pachinko, which accounted for more than half the sales and 64,284 million of the earnings. The company's amusement machine business saw slight increases to 50,319 million yen sales and 7,317 million yen income. Its video game business saw a 26.5% decrease in sales to 89,550 million yen and a 68.9% decrease in operating income to 1,969 million.

Sonic Colors was the company's biggest game, with 2.18 million units sold worldwide. Iron Man 2, released only in Europe and the US, followed with 1.54 million units. Vanquish followed this with 830,000 units.

Just like last year, Europe was Sega's biggest market, with 8.23 million units of software sold across 20 titles. America followed with 7.83 million units across 16 titles. Japan sold 2.63 million units across 15 titles. In all, Sega sold 18.71 million units of software.

PSP was Sega's biggest platform, pushing 2.03 million units of software. Xbox 360, PC and Wii followed.

For the current year, Sega expects software sales to increase to 23.29 million units due to the release of major titles like Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. It expects its biggest platform to be PS3 with 4.62 million units of software across 23 SKUs. 3DS follows with 4.15 million units across 20 SKUs. For Xbox 360, Sega expects to sell 3.6 million units across 11 titles.

You can see Sega's full earnings report here (PDF, English).

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