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Tecmo Koei Hopes to Have Wii 2 Launch Titles

Company plans to actively pursue opportunities on new platforms.


Tecmo Koei's sales fell 7% this past year to 32,081 million yen, but operating profit surged 415.5% to 3,305 million yen.

According to an earnings report released today, the company's biggest title for the year was Dynasty Warriors 7, which saw 660,000 million units worldwide on PS3 and Xbox 360. Samurai Warriors Chronicle on 3DS sold 260,000 units.

Overall, Tecmo Koei sold 5.76 million pieces of software this year, split 3.35 million for Japan, 1.395 million for North America, 860,000 for Europe and 155,000 for Asia.

For the current year, the company expects sales to rise to 35,000 million yen, and operating income to rise to 5,000 million yen. It hopes to increase total software sales to 5.85 million, with Japanese sales accounting for 4 million of that.

During and earnings briefing today (as covered at 4Gamer), CEO Yoichi Erikawa, who took the CEO role this past November, touched upon some of the company's future plans. The company has titles in development for Sony's NGP hardware, he revealed, but added that the games have not been announced yet. Noting that Tecmo Koei is trusted by hardware makers as a third party that will always have a titles ready in time for a platform's launch, he said that he'd like have launch titles for Nintendo's Wii 2 successor platform.

New hardware appears to be a major part of Tecmo Koei's strategy, as the company's earnings materials pointed to the release of the NGP and 3DS as bringing about growth for the package game market in 2011 following two years of falling sales. Tecmo Koei plans to actively pursue new hardware with enteres in its numbered title series.

You can see Tecmo Koei's full earnings presentation here (PDF, Japanese).

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