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Binary Domain goes playable at E3... and other bits from Sega and Microsoft's retailer briefings

We'll soon find out if team Yakuza does third person shooting as well as they do adult drama.

We already had a report on Nintendo's retailer meeting which netted some new Star Fox 64 3D details courtesy of a Tsutaya representative (see this story).

As reported earlier (warning: cute puppy pic!) in the week, Microsoft and Sega also had meetings on Friday. Games Maya delivered a few details from these.

It appears that Sega and MS actually held their meetings together, taking retailers from Shinagawa to Akihabara throughout the course of the day.

The big announcement at the event was a release date of August 4 for Sega's PSP soccer sim Sakatsuku! 7.

Retailers were also able to play Black Rock Shooter, the next self-published title from Imageepoch. CEO Ryoei Mikage was on hand to demonstrate the game.

Sega's Toshihiro Nagoshi delivered a message about PS3 and Xbox 360 multiplatform title Binary Domain, which was shown in video form. Sega confirmed that the game will be playable at E3.

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