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Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary Goods

Giant slimes, helmets and shields on the way!


Square Enix is celebrating Dragon Quest's 25th anniversary with more than just the recently announced Wii compilation of the first three games. Retailers have revealed some sweet commemorative Dragon Quest series goods for release later this year.

So far, we know of three items:

Happy Birthday Slime Big Sofbee
¥8,950, release in June. A 1/1 size slime with a radius of 30 centimeters.
Dragon Quest Legend Items Gallery Special Loto Helmet
¥13,440, release in July. A replica of the Loto Helmet that appears in Dragon Quest. It's a full size recreation (but I don't think you should actually stick you head in it).
1/1 Loto Symbol
¥10,500, release in June. A 1 to 1 replica of the Loto no Shirushi item.

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