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Two Secret Hatsune Miku Projects in Development

Spokesperson speculates on possibilities for NGP version of popular rhythm game.

Dreamy Theater 2nd links up the PSP and PS3 to transform Hatsune Miku into HD.

Sega currently has Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2.5 and Dreamy Theater 2nd due for release in the coming months. The Hatsune Miku franchise will also be getting some exposure to international audiences as Sega holds a live event at July's Anime Expo in Los Angeles.

But these are just the publicly known projects for what has become one of Sega's key franchises. Sega has more on the way, according to series spokesperson Nakanohito. Writing at Twitter earlier today, Nakanohito said that Sega is currently progressing with two secret projects.

Nakanohito also made some speculative comments about Sony's next generation NGP portable system, suggesting that the development staff would have to consider what direction to take if making an NGP entry in the series. Wrote Nakanohito: "If we made it for NGP, the models would likely become high poly, but what should we do about the shading? It's the PSP followup, so we should probably not change the image too much. Of course, I have a feeling it really depends on if everyone buys the system."

You can see all of Nakanohito's Tweets on the future of the Hatsune Miku series in this Togetter summary page.

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