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Lovely Xbox 360 2D Fighter Golden Fantasia Gets Icon Packs


First thing's first... my new favorite fighting game screenshot:

Here are some other sweet screens, although the lack of food carts keeps them from number one.

The reason I'm suddenly filling this site with screenshots from the Xbox 360 version of 2D dojin fighter Ogon Musokyoku, aka Golden Fantasia, is because Alchemist has announced some pre-release download content for the game.

A series of icon packs will be available for the game starting today and continuing every week through June 7. Each pack focuses on a different character and costs 80 yen.

Alchemist is also readying custom themes, but has yet to share release information or pricing. As for the game off which all the DLC is based, a release is still set for some undisclosed point during the summer.

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