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New Love Plus Data Import May Cost Money

The latest details on Konami's 3DS love sequel.


One of the features Konami has been promising for New Love Plus, the new 3DS entry in the Love Plus series, is data import, where you'll be able to carry over your data from DS titles Love Plus and Love Plus + to the 3DS. The company never provided specifics, saying that technical hurdles are requiring that it work with Nintendo for implementation.

It looks like whatever form the data import takes, it may end up requiring some extra cash on the part of the player. 4Gamer reports this today in its latest look at the game.

The site says that the game will require a special tool for the data import. Konami is hoping to sell this device for an extremely low price and is also considering including bonuses and other stuff so that players aren't buying the item just for carrying their data over.

Also in the 4Gamer article, you'll find a look at some of the features that were introduced here and at Famitsu.com last week.

As previously detailed, the game has a "Boyfriend Lock" feature, where the girls will be initially unresponsive to anyone except their boyfriend. Here's Manaka asking you who you are:

The game uses facial recognition to remember your face. The girls will remember you even if you've made some changes, taking off your glasses or hat, changing your hair style and so-forth.

The girls will be friendlier if the user is recognized as a friend or family member of the boyfriend. They'll remember a person's name, and will engage in chitchat. If time has passed since the meeting, they may forget, though.

The girls will also be friendly with one-another. You and your fellow Love Plus players can use the game's wireless functionality to get your girlfriends talking to one-another. They'll hang out, engage in girls' talk, and even send e-mail to one-another.

Also detailed in the 4Gamer story is the Love Link System, where the game will link up with arcade titles Love Plus Arcade and Love Plus Medal. Your New Love Plus girl's hair style will be shown in the arcade titles, and clothing that you've unlocked in the arcade titles will appear in New Love Plus. Depending on how long you've played Love Plus Medal, you may end up getting special events in New Love Plus.

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