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Why is the New PS3 Super Robot Wars Game 2nd Instead of 3?

Series producer answers the big question!

Visit Famitsu.com for first screens.

Joining today's official site opening for 2nd Super Robot Wars OG, series producer Takanobu Terada updated the seires official blog with an announcement of the game.

In the post, Terada does his best to explain the game's name. Technically, this should be called Super Robot Wars OG3, as there were two Super Robot Wars OG games before it, both on the Game Boy Advance. According to Terada, Namco Bandai actually considers the PS2 remake of the two Game Boy Advance titles, Super Robot Wars OGs, to be like "1st" Super Robot Wars OG. So, they gave the new title the "2nd" naming. In terms of episode numbers, it is actually episode number 3, so Terada says calling it OG3 would not be a mistake.

Also in the blog post, Terada reveals that Yuichiro Takeda, scenario writer of the Super Robot Wars OG The Inspector anime, is working on 2nd OG as a scenario writer.

For first screens of the game, visit Famitsu.com.

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