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7th Dragon 2020: A Look at Dungeon Shibuya

Official blog promises no flower damage this time.


Developer Imageepoch has provided additional details on 7th Dragon 2020, the PSP sequel to DS title 7th Dragon. Most of the main details were shared last week (see our article archive for the game), but today Imageepoch went a bit more in depth and also shared some new screens.

As previously detailed, 7th Dragon 2020 is set in future Tokyo. Dragons have invaded from outerspace, leaving their marker, a special flower, on Tokyo. The various areas of Tokyo are turning into dungeons.

In the above image, we see Shibuya converted into dungeon form (look closely -- it totally is the main Scramble Crossing area!). Imageepoch has converted other areas of Tokyo into game form as well. We'll get a glimpse at the other areas in future updates.

Above, we see our characters, members of the dragon resistance force Murakumo, running about the Shibuya dungeon. Players create their very own party of Murakumo members, setting such areas as appearance, job, voice and skill.

Above, yet another image of Shibuya. The characters are gathering information.

Above, a battle screen showing some of the game's enemies. As you can see, not all the enemies are dragons. Because of the flower that covered the land, other animals have turned into beasts.

In the comments for last week's stories, some readers complained that the flowers in the original did lots of damage (for example). The flowers do no damage this time, according to the blog.

This last image shows the "Sakasatocho" area that was mentioned in our previous stories. This area is located in Shinjuku, home to the Tokyo government building that serves as the base for the Murakumo. We'll get a look at the base in the next update.

The blog also reveals that a video clip is currently being assembled and will be released soon. It will show the game's setting information and the cute little characters running around.

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