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Capcom Expects PS3 to Be Biggest Platform This Year

Company forecasts 8 million unit sales for PS3 software.

Is Monster Hunter one of the reasons for Capcom's high PS3 expectations this year?

Capcom will be supporting all the major platforms this year. But it's expecting particularly strong results from one platform.

The company shared details on its sales expectations for the current fiscal year today. It expects to sell 18 million units of software across 55 titles total. This would be a drop from last year's 20.5 million units across 53 titles.

It looks like Capcom has big plans for the PS3, as it expects the system to sell 8 million units across 16 titles. This is far beyond the Xbox 360, from which it forecasts 4.7 million units across 14 titles.

The full chart, with last year's totals in parentheses, looks like this:

  • PS3: 16 titles, 8 million units (11 / 6.2 million)
  • X360: 14 titles, 4.7 million units (11 / 4.2 million)
  • DS/3DS: 9 titles, 2.4 million units (11 / 1.7 million)
  • PSP: 11 titles, 2.2 million units (11 / 6.2 million)
  • PC/Other: 3 titles, 500,000 units (3 / 500,000)
  • Wii: 2 titles, 200,000 units (5 / 1.4 million)

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