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Neptune mk2's Lilly System Revealed

Pair your characters up for the fight.


Neptune mk2 has the most horrifically named battle system ever, the "Lilly" system. This week's Dengeki reveals just what the Lilly system is all about.

The Lilly system has you couple your characters together during battle. One character is in front, one character is in back. The character in front actually takes part in the fight. The character in back has a support role.

You can have four such couplings in battle at once, meaning a party of eight characters.

The magazine also has a look this week at the founders of the four regions:

  • Planeptune: Histoire (voice Mika Kanai) -- I may have the spelling wrong.
  • Leanbox: Mina Nishizawa (voice Sayaka Nakaya)
  • Lastation: Kei Jinguji (voice Yuko Sanpei)
  • Lowee: Chika Hakozaki (voice Yuka Komatsu)

I think there's supposed to be all sorts of symbolism with Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft and so-forth, but you're going to have to determine that for yourself.

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