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Square Enix Has New Massively Multiplayer Online Title For This Year

One more title besides Final Fantasy XIV in the works.


Square Enix is readying a new large scale Massively Multiplayer Online title to be announced some time this fiscal year. CEO Yoichi Wada made brief mention of this new game during a May 13 earnings briefing. A full transcript of the briefing was posted today at the company's IR page.

According to Wada, Square Enix hopes aims to operate two to three large scale MMO titles simultaneously, a target it feels will allow it to have stable cash flow. The company is developing one more title in addition to Final Fantasy XIV, and Wada hopes to announce the game during the fiscal year.

Wada also made note of the problems faced by FFXIV, saying the game will take a bit more time, but they're at the point where they can see the target.

The PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIV still has yet to see release.

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