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Adventure Game code_18 Due for PSP and Xbox 360

New entry in the Infinity series coming to both platforms in September. First screens and details.


Word of a PSP version of code_18 first appeared in Dengeki and Famitsu earlier in the week. Today, CyberFront made it official. This new entry in the infinity series (Never7, Ever17, Remember11) will be coming to both PSP and Xbox 360.

Both versions are due for release on September 29. The PSP version will be priced ¥6,090 in standard form and ¥8,190 in limited edition. The Xbox 360 versions will be priced ¥7,140 and ¥9,240. The limited edition includes a special booklet with art and illustrations, a drama CD and a soundtrack CD featuring the opening and ending theme from milktab.

code_18 is set in a high school in 2018 and follows the exploits of Hayato Hino, a second year student in the school's science club who attempts to make his Dragon Mk-7Va flight unit fly. Heroins include Hikari Haruna, Yuzu Soraki, Tamaki Tatekawa, Nanari Torikura, and Arika Tokitou.

Although the Xbox 360 version was announced first, our first real look at code_18 comes from the PSP version (although given the genre at hand, the 360 version will probably look the same). You'll find screens and artwork from the PSP version below.

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