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Black Rock Shooter and Seventh Dragon Openings Coming Next Week

Imageepoch CEO excited about watching intros on the big screen, and eating the best fast food burger in the world (fact!) five miles up.

Black Rock Shooter is Imageepoch's next self-published title following Final Promise Story.

Amid all this news of major Japanese game personalities not attending E3, here's one hotshot who will be at the big event. Ryoei Mikage, CEO of developer-turned-publisher Imageepoch, is making the trip. The question is, business or pleasure?

A Tweet from Mikage suggests business. Late yesterday, he Tweeted that the openings to Black Rock Shooter and Seventh Dragon 2020 will be released to the public on June 9. This, of course is during E3, but it could very well be a coincidence. However, in the same Tweet, Mikage said that he's excited about seeing the openings on "the big screen."

Is this a hint that Mikage and Imageepoch's international publishing partners (presumably Sega in the case of Seventh Dragon) will be promoting the two games in Los Angeles next week? Or did I wake up too early?

The Black Rock Shooter introduction is being produced by Ufotable, who's also working on the animation sequences for Tales of Xillia. The release of the intro will be accompanied by a proper official site for the game.

Incidentally, Mikage is excited about one other thing regarding his trip to Los Angeles. JAL announced today that it will be serving MOS Burger on most international flights from June 1 through the end of August. MOS Burger is one of Mikage favorite foods.

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