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Final Fantasy Type-0 Official Blog Starts

Hear what Yoshinori Kitase has to say about the new type of Final Fantasy.


Square Enix opened an official blog for Final Fantasy Type-0 today. Delivering the first message at the "Class Zero Journal" is producer Yoshinori Kitase.

Kitase doesn't say much in his first post, choosing to remind us about the meaning of the game's names. As we were told many times back in January when Agito became Type-0, Square Enix's goal is a product that takes a different direction from the main Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy XIV series while having comparable spirit and quality to those titles (yes, Kitase said "XIV" instead of "XIII").

"It's the beginning of a series that is both new and orthodox," writes Kitase.

The Type-0 blog has sections for "Creator's Message," "Notices," "Diary" and "Related Product Information." Expect these to be filled in as Type-0's summer release approaches.

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