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Peripheral maker Hori is seriously counting down to a product reveal


Hori, maker of mere peripherals -- fine peripherals, but mere peripherals none-the-less -- is counting down to a product reveal.

From what I can see, they're being just a bit half-assed about it.

What is this mystery product? We'll find out 16:04 after!

I've been writing about these infernal mystery countdown sites for many years, and I ain't never seen no peripheral maker do a countdown before. Is this guaranteed to be one of the more disappointing countdowns? You know, like when Spike decided to count down to a game that had already been announced in Famitsu a year before?

Maybe not. After all, Hori is responsible for ridiculously large and expensive peripherals like this:

An actual PS3 controller for Hatsune Miku Dreamy Theater 2.

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