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Final Fantasy XIII Added to Final Fantasy Historical Compendium

The last entry in Square Enix's look back at the Final Fantasy series? Not quite...


Square Enix has been updating its Final Fantasy Historical Compendium ever since Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy was announced last week. At long last, they've reached the last real Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy XIII.

It may seem a bit odd to read a "historical compendium" entry about a game that was released a year ago, but check it out anyway and reminisce about December 2009 (or whenever your version of the game was released). At the very least, it's kinda neat seeing what Square Enix selected as "impressive scenes" from the game.

These all have little video clips at the site.

Final Fantasy XIII actually isn't the last entry at the compendium. That honor will go to Final Fantasy XIV. FFXI got a spot, and so will its troubled followup.

The only question is, will the compendium entry come before or after a release date is announced for the PS3 version?

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