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Soul Calibur, Tekken, White Knight, Ys and more go budget next month


Sony's PlayStation 3 the Best and PSP the Best budget lineup is pretty diverse in July, covering everything from RPGs to fighting games to... well what the hell kind of game is My Summer Vacation, anyway?

Here's the full lineup, with box pics below.

  • White Knight Chronicles 2 PS3 the Best: 7/14, ¥2980
  • Wangan Midnight PS3 the Best (New Price Version): 7/21, ¥1890
  • Soul Calibur Broken Destiny PSP the Best: 7/7, ¥2800 (UMD), ¥2500 (DNLD)
  • Tekken 6 PSP the Best: 7/7, ¥2800 (UMD), ¥2500 (DNLD)
  • My Summer Vacation 4 PSP the Best: 7/7, ¥2800 (UMD), ¥2200 (DNLD)
  • Ys Seven PSP the Best: 7/14, ¥2940 (UMD), ¥2940 (DNLD)
  • Ys vs Sora no Kiseki PSP the Best: 7/14, ¥2940 (UMD), ¥2940 (DNLD)
  • Ys I&II Chronicles PSP the Best: 7/14, ¥2940 (UMD), ¥2940 (DNLD)

Hmm... someone forgot to tell Falcom that the download versions of games are supposed to be cheaper because in part because retailers usually sell the UMD version for 10% off MSRP.

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