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Hideo Kojima's New Fox Engine Revealed

Kojima Productions provides a glimpse at their new world class engine and some preliminary details on the next game from Kojima himself.


Metal Gear master Hideo Kojima and his team at Kojima Productions are working on a new engine they call the "Fox Engine." Here are some sample images that Kojima Productions released today.

Fox Engine is said to be an original game engine that allows for the creation of world class multiplatform titles in a short period.

Kojima is using Fox Engine to make a new game. During today's pre-E3 show broadcast, he said that the game will be multiplatform, global and will support the Transfarring system that was revealed earlier today.

Kojima said earlier in the broadcast that Transfarring's main phase will allow for NGP and PS3 games to be compatible with one another. During the engine demonstration segment, he also showed that the PS3 and Xbox 360's controllers were attached to the engine's demo PC. This all seems to be hints that the new game will be for PS3, Xbox 360 and NGP.

While a bit shy with details on the new game, Kojima did provide some background on the engine itself. He noted that thus far, Kojima Productions has developed their games focusing on a single platform. However, from now on, they will be working globally and multiplatform. This is what the Fox Engine is for.

The engine was being developed alongside Peace Walker following Metal Gear Solid 4. They're continuing to refine the engine as they use it to develop Kojima's top secret project.

"We'd like to make the Kojima Productions engine the world's top engine," said Kojima.

You can see the engine in motion in this clip from today's broadcast, towards the 20 minute mark.

Separate from the Fox Engine, Kojima Productions has also released some comparison pics showing how Metal Gear Solid 2 has changed from the PS2 to HD. We'll have more details on the HD Collection soon, but take a look at these sweet comparison pics for now.

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