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Street Fighter IV Blog: What does 10100 - 1000 - 1001 - 10010 - 100 Mean?

HInts at some E3 announcements from Capcom.

Street Fighter x Tekken will likely be one of Capcom's big titles at E3.

Today's entry at the Super Street Fighter IV blog provided some hints about upcoming E3 announcements from Capcom. We'll apparently be getting a followup report on something that we haven't heard about for a while. The hint is: "10100 - 1000 - 1001 - 10010 - 100."

Also at the Super SFIV blog, assistant producer Tomoaki Ayano, in transit to LA for the show, says that we'll finally get some details to go along with all the recent Street Fighter x Tekken teaser videos.

In case you haven't been paying attention, Capcom has been releasing teaser video clips for SF x Tekken character reveals for the past four weeks. You can see the clips here:

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