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Nikkei Confirms Wii 2 Controller Details

Six inch screen with camera for Nintendo's newfangled input device.

A Wii 2 controller concept image from I believe IGN. A six inch screen would presumably require a different layout from this.

In advance of Nintendo's E3 press conference next week, Nikkei has leaked out details on the Wii successor. The report (registration required) mirrors much of what has surfaced over the past few weeks.

Wii 2 will feature a new type of controller that includes a touch screen. The controller will give tablet-like controls to games, tapping the touch panel to control the characters on your television, for instance. The controller can also be used as a portable game machine.

The touch panel on the controller is six inches. The controller itself has a built in rechargeable battery and includes a camera. The camera can be used for a variety of play opportunities -- for instance, a player making an avatar of himself for use in a game.

Nikkei says that Wii 2 could be released as early as mid 2012. The site lists the system as "Wii successor console."

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story miswrote the launch period listed in the Nikkei report as "latter half of 2012." The story actually says the system could be released in mid 2012.

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