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Hideo Kojima Talks Transfarring, Burger King

Transfarring possible for Xbox 360... if Microsoft releases a portable.

Kojima Productions shows Transfarring in Peace Walker. The PS3 and PSP synch up over USB in about 10 seconds.

Hideo Kojima's Transfarring concept is all about synching up save data between a console and a portable. In all the examples we've seen so far, both sides of the synch have been Sony product, but Kojima has not ruled out the possibility of Xbox 360 support too.

Kojima has been responding to Tweets following Transfarring's announcement earlier today (for some of his responses, see this story). One follower requested that he make the Xbox 360 versions of Metal Gear Solid HD and Zone of the Enders HD support Transfarring just like their Sony counterparts. Kojima's response was: "We can do it if they release a portable system."

The Transfarring feature will initially work between PlayStation 3 and PSP in Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD (being released individually in Japan and as part of a bundle with MGS2 and MGS3 elsewhere). The PS3 version will "Transfar" with the PSP version, either your current copy or the copy that you've downloaded using the free download code Konami is including with the PS3 version.

The other games announced today, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (consisting of MGS2 and MGS3 in Japan) and Zone of the Enders Collection (consisting of the two ZOE games) will Transfar between PS3 and another portable system besides PSP, presumably NGP. Konami hasn't clarified how NGP users will obtain their copy of the game.

Kojima's three steps for Transfarring.

One issue brought up with save synching is Trophies. You can use your current Peace Walker save file with the Transfarring system, moving it over to the PS3 title, but you won't be able to get the Trophies for conditions that you've already cleared. Kojima suggested that players restart with the PS3 version of the game. Unfortunately, he has not clarified what happens if you Transfar over to the PSP version, clear a Trophy condition there, then Transfar back to the PS3.

Transfarring and the HD collections were the main announcements in the Kojima Productions segment of Konami's pre E3 broadcast. But Kojima also gave a glimpse at his top secret project, which runs on a new the new "Fox Engine" that Kojima Productions is developing.

So how does Kojima celebrate the long awaited unveiling (or partial unveiling at least) of his new project? He apparently decided to go to Burger King by himself.

Hideo Kojima's food pics usually look good. But not this time...

Kojima, who said that he does not go to Burger King often, just ordered what he saw on the menu at the register and ended up ordering a "Meat Monster," which has two beef patties topped of with a chicken patty. Then, listening to David Bowie, he went home.

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