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Sega Readying Five Titles For PlayStation Vita

First up: Power Smash 4.


Sega showed off Power Smash 4 for PlayStation Vita today. But the tennis title is just the start of Sega's support for Sony's new portable. Sega said that it also has four additional Vita titles in development.

Regarding Power Smash 4, this latest entry in the tennis series will feature 22 tennis pros from around the world. You'll be able to experience life as a pro tennis player using the game's new World Tour Mode.

The game promises to use the Vita's various hardware features. You can use the touch screen and rear touch pad for controls. Using the camera, you can take a picture of yourself and place it in the game. The system's gyro sensors will be used to provide for a view of the action from the perspective of the tennis player. The game will also have network support, showing friends and players from around the world on a tour map, and sharing player information through LiveArea.

Power Smash 4 will launch opposite the PlayStation Vita. As for the other four games, we'll have to wait for details.

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