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Vanillaware's Dragon's Crown Coming to PS3 and PS Vita

HD 2D magic on the go and in the home!


Were you wondering what that "Dragon's Crown" game that appeared in Sony's PlayStation Vita trailer yesterday was all about? The game's newly opened official site has some answers!

Dragon's Crown is a new 2D Action RPG from Vanillaware, the developer that's also working on PSP's Grand Knights History for Marvelous Entertainment. Ignition is handling the worldwide publishing on this one. The official site says that it's the second Japan-produced title from Ignition (the first was El Shaddai).

Although the game appeared in Sony's PS Vita trailer reel, the official site reveals it to be in development for both PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. The game will see release in Spring 2012 and features support for 1 to 4 players.

George Kamitani is directing the game. Ignition's Kashow Oda is serving as producer.

As detailed at the official site, Dragon's Crown offers "red-hot multiplayer 2D action." Up to four players can team up via online play to work through dungeons, clearing quests and progressing through the game's story.

The lets players build up their character as they collect items, treasure and weapons from the dungeons. You'll need to build up your character to face off agains the screen-filling dragons.

The official site isn't totally clear about this, but it seems that the game's PS3 and Vita version will have cross console play. The official site says "Up to four players work together via PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita."

Visit the official site for additional story and character details. You can see the game's first trailer here:

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