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Smash Bros. U & 3DS development appears to be very early

Sakurai says he hasn't even started thinking about characters.


Nintendo announced Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS at its E3 press conference earlier today, but did not actually show anything from the game -- not even a concept image or logo. There may be a good reason for this.

Project Sora head Masahiro Sakurai said at his Twitter today that the game is currently at a point where nothing is actually moving. "We really shouldn't have announced it for the general public at this timing, but since we have to assemble staff, we made the notice. The future will change depending on the strength of the gathered developers."

Development won't start until Kid Icarus Uprising has finished, Sakurai said in a later Tweet.

Not surprisingly, followers have been asking Sakurai about the game since its announcement. Regarding the staff solicitation and the reason for developing the game for two platforms, Sakurai said to expect an Iwata Asks column to cover these (it's unclear if Nintendo has already planned such a column or if Sakurai is just saying that it's something that will probably happen).

When asked by a follower if we'll get to play as child Link, he said that he hasn't started thinking about characters.

Sakurai did say that he's being interviewed at the show. Perhaps we'll get some hints about what he hopes to do with the title.

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