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Sega Hints at New Hatsune Miku For "Launch."

The question is... launch for what?

Hatsune Miku on either Vita or U would probably look just like the PSP titles' Dreamy Theater expansions for PS3. Shown here, Dreamy Theater 2.

Hatsune Miku Project Diva PR person Nakanohito Ichigo is abusing Twitter again with teases. In a Tweet earlier today, Mr. Nakanohito, or maybe Mr. Ichigo (or maybe Ms. or Mrs. ... I don't know) said that he's now heading up work on a "launch title."

The Tweet was part of a conversation with the official Konami Twitter (@Konami573ch), which had asked Nakanohito for some secret information. In addition to the bit about the launch title, Nakanohito also said to Konami, "Please tell me secretly when Love Plus U comes out."

The Love Plus U thing was probably a joke. But Naknohito's comments about a "launch title" could mean Hatsune Miku Project Diva for either PlayStation Vita or Wii U.

If it is Vita, Sony sure was doing a good job keeping the name under wraps. Nakanohito says he just found out about the name today along with everyone else.

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