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Dragon's Crown Originally Planned for Dreamcast

PS Vita and PS3 project started 13 years back after Princess Crown.

Finally, Vanillaware goes HD!

Vanillaware's new PS3 and PS Vita title Dragon's Crown is featured in this week's Famitsu through a four page interview with director George Kamitani. Here's a bit of what's leaked out from the interview via the usual flying get suspects.

  • The game's genre is "multi play belt floor 2D action RPG." I'm not sure what the "floor" is supposed to be, but I believe the "belt" means it's a beat-em-up.
  • The project got its start 13 years back after Sega Saturn classic Princess Crown. It was originally planned for Dreamcast.
  • Actual development did not begin until after Oboro Muramassa on Wii.
  • The game will have attacks that make use of stage geography.
  • There will be cooperative play elements. The game will support at most four players.
  • Vanillaware is currently seeking programmers to finish work on the project.
  • Kamitani says that he took the project to a number of publishers, but Ignition gave them the okay.
  • Kamitani is a big fan of Golden Axe and King of Dragon, and wanted to try seeing what would happen if those games were evolved while staying 2D.

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