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Kojima Noncommittal About Metal Gear Solid 5

It's another one of those "laugh" filled Japanese interviews in Famitsu!

A technical demonstration of the Fox Engine that Kojima shared during Konami's 'conference' last week.

Is the mystery game Hideo Kojima is making with the recently unveiled Fox Engine Metal Gear Solid 5? Of course it is. Come on, haven't you been paying attention for the past... 10 years or so?

Kojima isn't so committal about this, of course. In an interview appearing in this week's Famitsu, summed up by our usual magazine leak sources, Enterbrain CEO Hirokazu Hamamura asks if the new game is "5." Kojima responds "What do you mean by 5 (laughs)?".

Also in the interview, Kojima speaks a bit about the Transfarring system that's being used for Kojima Productions' HD remakes, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD Edition and Metal Gear Solid HD Edition (these are split in two for Japan, but combined together in other territories). Here's a bit of what's said:

  • Regarding MGS HD Edition, Konami is currently looking into PS Vita compatibility for MGS2 an MGS3.
  • As previously detailed, when you use Transfarring to move from the PS3 to the PSP in Peace Walker, the PS3 save file will be locked. However, the player can select to unlock it. When moving back from the PSP to the PS3, the PSP save file will be deleted.
  • Kojima expects there to be some visual fidelity loss when playing PS3 games on Vita, but Kojima Productions' goal is to make sure this doesn't have any effect on cooperative play.

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