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What disappointed Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino about today's Nintendo press conference?


It seems that Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino was a bit disappointed by Nintendo's E3 press conference today.

Was he disappointed by Nintendo's new console?

Actually, he didn't give an opinion.

Was he disappointed by his crappy seat?

Nope.. no complaints!

Hino was actually disappointed at Nintendo's handling of the 3DS. Said Hino via Twitter, "More than the new system, I'm watching the 3DS strategy." Following the conference, he wrote, "I was hoping for at least some color variation announcements."

It's unclear if Hino was hoping for the color announcements as a fan or as the CEO of a company that has thrown its full support behind the 3DS. Level-5 had the system's biggest Japanese launch title in Professor Layton and has many of its biggest upcoming titles on the way, including Inazuma Eleven and Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney.

Hino is in LA for more than just E3, it seems. You might have heard that Level-5 now has a studio in Santa Monica. Hino visited the Santa Monica office and shared a pic:

In other Akihiro Hino news, this week's Famitsu reveals that we will be getting three weeks of Level-5 updates starting with next week's issue. Perhaps we'll finally get some details on the many projects the studio announced at last year's Level-5 Vision.

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