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A Few Additional Dragon's Crown Bits

Gain new NPCs by picking up the bones of other players.

Vanillaware goes HD on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita through Dragon's Crown.

We already provided a report on some of the content from Famitsu's interview this week with Dragon's Crown director George Kamitani. Sokuho has provided its usual in-depth summary from the magazine, so here are a few additional bits.

We mentioned that the game was originally planned for Dreamcast. The reason it didn't come out for Dreamcast was because Kamitani could not get the go sign from a publisher. Around the time that work was being completed on Wii's Muramasa Demon Blade, Kamitani went around to various publishers. Ignition immediately signed on.

The sorceress character class.

Dragon's Crown appears to emphasize multiplayer. Kamitani says teamwork is a focus. Four players can play together. When you're on your own, you can play with three CPU-controlled characters.

(Incidentally, the magazine lists the game as "cross platform compatible for PS3 and PS Vita," so this does seem to be confirmation that players on both systems will be able to play together.)

Here's one possible way that teamwork will play a role in the game. Your weapons can be damaged and destroyed. If you lose a weapon, you'll have to fight barehanded until a thief steals a weapon.

Kamitani mentioned one limitation about the game's elf class. If you use a bow and arrow as your weapon, you'll be limited in the number of arrows. You can recover arrows by touching dead enemies.

Players can select to be the same character type. Currently, they're planning to show each player's name on the top of the character so that you can differentiate. If they have time, they'll add palette swaps.

If you die during your play session, you will be revived after a some tens of seconds, assuming you have lives left of course. If all players in your party die, you're all returned back to town.

There will be a few communicative aspects to the game. You won't be able to chat, but you will be abel to do greetings and create a dying message.

I'm not totally sure if I'm reading this part right, but it seems that the game will have a Demon's Soulish system in place where the dead bodies of other players will appear in your game session as bones. From the bones, you can see information about the other player and their dying message. If you like a particular player, you can take his bones and covert it into an NPC for future use.

Kamitani says that Dragon's Crown is a game he truly wanted to make, and he's putting his full strength behind it. He said to expect a number of additional elements beyond what has been announced thus far.

Vanillaware will be staffing up shortly with programmers to complete the project, which is due for PS3 and PS Vita release in Spring 2012.

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